Uric Acid

People with MS never have Gout and people with Gout never get MS – Gout involves an excess in uric acid and people with MS have low uric acid. Perhaps people with MS should insure they take purines, which contribute to uric acid. A list of foods high in purines are:

• Anchovies • Asparagus • Brains • Beef kidneys • Cauliflower • Game meats • Gravies • Herring • Liver • Sardines • Scallops • Sweetbreads • molybdenum supplements

This interesting link suggests that a high nitrite intake, along with low levels of beneficial bacteria, iron and molybdenum, could be factors in MS:


Be careful however when reading it. Although it is correctly suggested that the problem with MS is the absorption of too little fat, they don’t specify which fats. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are the ones we need. Saturated fats are dangerous for people with MS, and should be limited to 18g/day. For more information please read my diet pages at the top of this blog.


3 thoughts on “Uric Acid

    • I agree that you should listen to your body, did you read the link? It is an interesting idea…maybe the molybdenum supplements would be better suited to you. Remember that doctors don’t acknowledge the direct effects of nutrition on MS, so they are not always in the right.

      • Oh believe me I know that lol met too many that talk rubbish! Haven’t read the link yet though I will, just too tired today I’m afraid my brain isn’t working all too well. 🙂

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