Foods to Avoid if you have Multiple Sclerosis

Dairy: cutting it out will not give you a calcium deficiency if you ensure you eat a generous portion of dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach once a day. Dark green vegetables like broccoli are high in calcium and a much better source than dairy which is fully of saturated fat – one of the things it is essential to cut out if you have MS.

Alcohol, with the exception of red wine – The French paradox: one glass a day is good for you – it is good for the blood circulation, has antioxidants that protect the body from other chronic conditions and is anti-inflammatory.

Fizzy drinks

Sugar is a poison; it inhibits the body’s absorption of essential minerals and must be cut out completely – it is addictive, so little amounts will inevitably lead to more. Too much sugar affects the efficiency of white blood cells, leaving the body open to invaders it also increases insulin levels which then compete with vitamin C. Read more on this in Judy Graham’s book.   Xyletol is a good alternative – it is a fruit sugar, widely available in Health Food shops such as Holland and Barettes and even in big Sainsburys. Other alternatives include dry fruit, honey (but keep to a minimum, as it is essentially sugar), Stevia –look into this amazing plant that tastes like sugar!

Also avoid chocolateeven sugar free chocolate is bad for you because of the extremely high content of saturated fats. Avoid sweeteners which have been endlessly linked to cancer and are just all round bad for you.

Caffeine and black tea block the absorption of nutrients, as does sugar. It is best to stop drinking these altogether. Good replacements are green, fennel, wheatgrass, jasmine and peppermint tea which all have anti-inflammatory properties.

Please see the pages above for more info on MS diet.


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