Going Green 3

So it’s been a couple of weeks now and the Vitamix has become a big part of my meal times. I have a green smoothie at least once a day (greens with fruit) and use it to make very healthy raw sauces for my pasta, rice, fish, you name it!  My partner is also ever impressed with the sauces I come up with, and is also eating really well at the moment. I am also enjoying the delicious soups I have come up with just from combining whatever vegetables I had in my kitchen. I find that adding a tbsp of linseed oil to most soups works really well.

Because I am trying to stick to organic fruit and veg, I have decided that whatever I blend using the Vitamix is worth two of my ten a day. I figure that as I am absorbing the portions completely due to their being blended so well, it is better than eating two portions unblended, and certainly better than eating more non-organic veg. I am of course not limiting myself to ten a day under these rules – I often go over, but it is a way to make it more affordable. I have also stopped taking as many vitamins as I was before because my body should be absorbing these better from the vegetables I blend. I will be having a blood test soon to check on my progress, but I am generally feeling well and my digestion is fantastic at the moment.


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