Today is a Wonderful Day

It is sunny, but not too hot, and there is a perfect breeze. A couple of days ago I realised that there is a spot round the back of the communal garden I share with my neighbour, under some trees which is just perfect. My neighbours don’t really come out into the garden, and so I am able to have it all to myself on a beautiful day like today. It is peaceful and inspiring, with a lovely piece of sky to watch the clouds go by. I sat down to write a few days back and found that is was really ideal.

Having felt the healing nature of the earth I always read about, I decided I would try a bit of yoga this morning as I walked barefoot across the grass. I sat in my new favourite spot and found it so easy to become hypnotised by my breathing. What a wonderful yoga session. I really recommend walking barefoot on the grass first thing in the morning if you are lucky enough to have a garden, or a park/forest nearby. It truly is healing, I can feel it, and if you try it, I’m sure you will too.

Going Geen 4

Wow. I think everyone should try to get a Vitamix. I use mine everyday, several times a day. Making exciting ultra healthy meals is much easier and so quick! What’s more is I know I am really absorbing the vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables I eat. I am eating much more raw vegetables and so not killing enzymes through cooking. It is a superb tool for soup making, my soups are getting better and better.

I am almost eating 100% organic fruit and veg, and if it is not organic, don’t blend it. I am finding it easier to finish eating by 7pm because I am satisfied by my food and do not crave anymore. My cravings for food I shouldn’t eat have also diminished significantly. My digestion is spectacular. It has never been so good. I have stopped taking good bacteria supplements. Although I am overdrawn at the moment, I have no regrets about buying the Vitamix.

We Reap What We Sow

One of the most important things I have learnt from MS is that everything happens for a reason. To paraphrase the words of Eckhart Tolle; Life will throw at you whatever you need to wake up. It is up to you to do the rest. If you don’t take control and fix what is wrong with the way you are living, how can you expect yourself to recover?

MS is not the end of the world, it is a wake up call – listen to it! It has empowered me to take control. It has reminded me that I am alive and that I need to respect my body by not filling it with junk food or thoughts. Feed your body with the fuel it needs to repair itself and to maintain optimum health. The thoughts we think and emotions we feel are just as important and capable of doing a lot of damage. We need to calm the mind and learn to take life in our stride.  Stress has enormous consequences on your body’s health, learn to deal with it properly and avoid it wherever possible. Stop taking everything personally, try not to over-think it all, just let yourself be and enjoy the present, don’t forget that it is all we have.