Going Geen 4

Wow. I think everyone should try to get a Vitamix. I use mine everyday, several times a day. Making exciting ultra healthy meals is much easier and so quick! What’s more is I know I am really absorbing the vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables I eat. I am eating much more raw vegetables and so not killing enzymes through cooking. It is a superb tool for soup making, my soups are getting better and better.

I am almost eating 100% organic fruit and veg, and if it is not organic, don’t blend it. I am finding it easier to finish eating by 7pm because I am satisfied by my food and do not crave anymore. My cravings for food I shouldn’t eat have also diminished significantly. My digestion is spectacular. It has never been so good. I have stopped taking good bacteria supplements. Although I am overdrawn at the moment, I have no regrets about buying the Vitamix.


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