Don’t let life get in the way of MS management, or MS will get in the way of life!

I’ve not been too well recently, I have been over-doing it and not following my own advice (!)

Because I have been doing so much ‘life’ stuff, I have not been as disciplined with the ‘MS’ stuff as usual and am paying for it now with new symptoms and ultra fatigue. These past few weeks have been crazy and as a result I’ve had less time for HBO and swimming as I usually do…there have also been quite a few late nights and late eating… This week I am getting back into my rest/exercise/therapy routines and feeling better by the day. I think that it is a commitment I have made to good health, but one which is so so worth it, and which I wish my blog could encourage everyone with MS to make.

I have also really come to realise that everyone’s MS is different, and so whatever I have found helpful and included on this blog is subject to you own trial and error. Maybe you will find some parts very helpful and others ineffective. Try everything you have the opportunity to try, and stick to what works best for you. Don’t give up on your hobbies but try not to let life get in the way of your MS management, or MS will get in the way of your life!