How to cure an infected blister naturally

Yes folks, it ain’t pretty, I had a blister on my foot, and it hurt so the GP cried ANTIBIOTICS! She wasn’t even sure that it was infected! After a few days I was in so much pain I actually considered taking them, but in a desperate attempt to find an alternative, I stumbled upon the idea of tea tree oil online. As I already had some at home, I thought I’d try it out before giving in to the evil antibiotics. Two drops twice a day, directly onto the blister (after cleaning it with soap and hot water followed by a salt foot bath once a day) and hurrah, my blister is no longer painful and although and can see it, I no longer feel it and can walk again!!!!

Delicious MS-Diet-Friendly Treats!

So one of my best friends; Rose baby Rose (who is amazing) has made it her mission to create cakes that I can eat..! Obviously these are for special occasions and can’t be eaten every day due to the amount of eggs in them, (maximum 4 a week/1 a day if you are following the MS diet) but they are so much safer for people with MS to eat than traditional cakes and treats.

Here is a selection of Rose’s finest finds so far, I will be updating the recipes page as she continues to experiment with MS-diet-friendly treats 🙂

Chocolate Brownies (makes approx 16) 2 cups cooked black beans drained, 4 organic eggs, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp vanilla, 1 cup honey, 3 tbsp cocoa powder, ½ tsp baking powder, ¼ tsp salt, 8×8 baking tray

Preheat oven to 350F Process all ingredients in a blender until smooth Scrape batter into greased baking tray Bake for 25 to 30mins

And not forgetting the classic Tea Loaf, thanks Moom!

500g dried fruit, earl grey tea, 350g (3oz)organic wholegrain spelt flour*, 3 tbsp honey, 2 tsp mixed spice, 1 organic egg

Put dried fruit in a basin & cover with hot strong earl grey tea. Leave to soak overnight if possible Put spelt flour , mixed spice, honey & egg into a bowl mix, add fruit & some of liquid, mix If a bit dry, add more liquid Put into cake tin and bake for 45mins If you want a lighter texture add 2 tsp baking powder.

Sweet Potato Muffins (makes approx 12)

4 oz oats, 4 oz organic wholegrain spelt flour*, ½ tsp bicarbonate, 1 tsp baking powder, ¾ tsp nutmeg, ¾ tsp cinnamon, 8 oz sweet potato – boiled & mashed, ½ cup agave syrup/honey (125ml), 3 tbsp olive oil,/rapeseed oil, 2 tbsp raisins, ¼ cup almond milk(60ml), 1 organic egg – beaten, muffin cases/tin

Preheat oven to 180C (375F) Mix oats, flour, bicarb, baking powder, & spices Add sweet potato, honey, oil, raisins, milk and egg – mix together so all dry ingredients are moisture – don’t over mix Spoon into muffin cases/muffin tin Bake until firm and golden (15-20mins)

*Spelt is not gluten free but has much less gluten in it than wheat does:


Thank you Rose!!!! All together now: #Rose baby Rose#

And while we’re at it, why don’t we listen to another of my best friends? The fabulous Jesuton?!!! Shake it lady 🙂

253_542474307218_1876_nThe lovely Rose

285_575966037649_3431_nThe fabulous Jesuton