How to cure an infected blister naturally

Yes folks, it ain’t pretty, I had a blister on my foot, and it hurt so the GP cried ANTIBIOTICS! She wasn’t even sure that it was infected! After a few days I was in so much pain I actually considered taking them, but in a desperate attempt to find an alternative, I stumbled upon the idea of tea tree oil online. As I already had some at home, I thought I’d try it out before giving in to the evil antibiotics. Two drops twice a day, directly onto the blister (after cleaning it with soap and hot water followed by a salt foot bath once a day) and hurrah, my blister is no longer painful and although and can see it, I no longer feel it and can walk again!!!!


4 thoughts on “How to cure an infected blister naturally

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  2. Did you take the tea tree oil internally or did you put it directly on the blister? Also, how bad was your foot. I got a blister yesterday, it is about the size of a silver dollar & it has pus in it. My foot is also red, hot and swollen & very painful. I have a doctors appt. tomorrow, but I definitely would like to avoid antibiotics, if possible.

    • Hi Jill, sorry to reply late. I used the oil directly on the blister sfter washing the area with warm water and soap, twice a day. It was quite painful and red with lots of pus inside. Try the tea tree oil, it healed up pretty quickly.

    • Hi Jill, sorry for replying so late – I didn’t see this message before! So I guess you don’t have a blister anymore but here is my answer:

      I put the tea tree oil directly on the blister. When I saw the doctor she said it was infected and that antibiotics were the only solution. It was a bit smaller than your but the skin around it was red and it was really painful – with puss also.

      Did you go for the oil in the end?

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