Sleep and Nutrition for Myelin Repair

Scientists at the university of Wisconsin have found that when mice sleep, they produce double the amount of immature oligodendrocytes; the cells responsible for making myelin.

This is big news for anyone affected by MS and makes a lot of sense to me. I always make sure I get enough sleep, it is really important to me and I feel much better the next day if I have slept well.

It’s time to stop neglecting the basic tools for myelin repair: sleep enough every night, it is essential for everyone but especially if you have MS.


Now that we are talking about sleep, it is also very important to go to bed early. Apparently it is in the first two hours after 10pm that the body takes care of repair work. So, if we are sleeping more to repair myelin sheath, it is probably sensible to get to sleep before 10pm.

Nutrition to Repair Myelin:

folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements 

The body needs these vitamins to protect the nervous system and repair the myelin sheath. As well as taking supplements, insure you eat foods naturally rich in these vitamins.

2) Follow an anti inflammatory diet

Take a look at this blog’s diet page for more good anti-inflammatory food sources

3) Eat Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) every day

The myelin is made up of EFAs – oleic acid (an omega 6) : fish, olives, chicken, nuts and seeds and omega 3 – which reduces inflammation and protects the myelin sheath. More EFA sources.


4) Look after your immune system

MS is an auto-immune disease and it is the immune cells which cause the inflammation damaging the myelin. The answer is not to suppress the immune system as disease modifying drugs do; that will only make you ill. Support your immune system and its correct functioning by liver flushing and  by taking vitamins.

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