The Skin Absorbs Everything!

I’ve just been reading about how our skin absorbs most things from the environment very efficiently; sometimes better than the digestive system, if the latter is impaired. This is not new information to me, I know the skin is often referred to as the second liver – because of the filtering it needs to do of toxins. But apparently it doesn’t act as a very good barrier. Unlike toxins passing through the digestive system, those passing through the skin go straight into the blood stream.

I already use an aluminium-free natural deodorant because cells removed from cancerous breasts are often packed with aluminium and it is very likely that all this aluminium comes from deodorants which are of course used pretty close to the breasts. But I think it is also important to use chemical free shampoos and soap. Skin brushing is also advisable, to remove dead cells and any pollutants you have not yet absorbed before you shower. Image

It is important to shower before you go to bed to remove any pollutants you accumulated during the day. The thing which is most concerning as a result of skin being such a good absorbent of our environment though is that swimming in chlorinated water is a terrible idea.



That throws my exercise programme out the window, now I need to either swim in a natural lake or take up another sport. I am thinking about walking, as I know that any exercise which heats up my body makes me feel bad, as it does many people with MS.