Sprouts are very good for the nervous system. During sprouting, minerals bind to protein making it easier for the body to use them, helping the body extract more amino acids, essential fats, minerals and vitamins from the rest of the food you eat.

Seeds and beans become even healthier foods when sprouted before using. Sprouted sunflower seeds are full of iron and chlorophyll – which helps detoxify the liver and blood. Pea and alfalfa* sprouts are also renowned for their excellent properties.

*although Alfalfa seeds are said to be very good for you, they have very high levels of canavanine, an amino acid. Some studies have linked canavanine to the worsening of inflammatory conditions. For this reason, people with MS should sprout other seeds instead.

But why are they so good for our health? When sprouting, seeds convert some of their sugar into vitamin C to use as an antioxidant as it sprouts into the new open air environment. They have more vitamin C at the sprouting stage than later when they mature. They also start synthesizing a range of new enzymes, in order to deal with oxygen metabolism as they sprout above the soil.

Doctors in Germany experimented with around 100 MS patients. The patients were given sprouts and green juices as the main part of each meal. Each of them improved, 15 of them recovering completely.

Sprouts are also rich in silicon, which is good for the skin.

Seeds, beans, chick peas and many other foods are very easy to sprout. Beans and chickpeas can be soaked in water for a few days and they will sprout. Put seeds in a wet glass jar, and leave by the window, in sunlight to sprout. Here is a useful video for sprouting sunflower seeds. After 12 hours of soaking, seeds sprout slightly and become much easier to digest.

In Conclusion: eat more sprouts!!!!


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