From Genetic Disorders to Gut Dysbiosis – Introduction

Identical twins may have the same predisposition to an illness but do not necessarily both develop it – if they grow up in different environments, according to certain studies. This shows how important diet and environment are in the development of a disease, and how it is possible to avoid falling ill even if we are genetically predisposed to because of something we have inherited from our parents.

Interestingly, the diet of the mother during pregnancy has a major impact on the genetics of the baby. There are genes that are never activated, and the diet of the mother during pregnancy can affect this. This is also true of the child’s own diet once it is born and as it grows up – it is able to influence gene expression; so what we eat has the ability to change our genetics, even when we are grown adults.

By being careful about environment, it is possible to stop a child predisposed to illness from ever getting it, if we alter this child’s diet we can even improve their genetics.

In our modern-day lives more and more people are suffering from ‘new’ auto-immune diseases and learning difficulties which did not exist 100 years ago, and were not as common 50 years ago; this predisposition to disease itself is relatively new. I rememeber my dad’s puzzled face a few years ago when he said to me ” Why are you all so ill? It wasn’t like this when I was younger”. He was referring to me, my sister and my cousins; many of us with digestive disorders and of course my MS. Given the overlap between autoimmune disorder and digestive troubles such as weakness in the blood-brain barrier, it is more than likely that this newish spread of degeneration diseases and cancers are vert much related to our diet. The change in environment in the last 100 years such as a large increase in pollution and toxic chemical usage; even in our food and what we put on our skin. The modern diet and lifestyle are to blame, and these are what we need to change in order to correct the malfunction of our bodies.

This blog is mostly about how you can manage Multiple Sclerosis by making these changes.

In the next few posts I will be concentrating specifically on Gut Dysbiosis; where it comes from and how it manifests itself, how it is linked to autoimmune disease, and how to fix the problem of a leaky gut which so many of us suffer from now a days.

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After numerous showdowns with parasites and typhoid fever, and years of suffering from IBS as well as years of antibiotics for the typhoid and parasites; I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As soon as I adopted my MS Diet most of the awful IBS symptoms I had disappeared completely. I have now been following this diet for 4 years and have my illness under control. I am still constantly bloated however, and I know this is not normal. Certain foods make this worse than others, so I decide to improve my diet further. Under this page will come a series of pages about Gut Dysbiosis and how to deal with it. This is a process I am only just starting myself, but I feel good and am sure it will enhance the results of my ongoing Liver Flushing. I hope that you will join my on my journey to heal my gut, by making the decision to do the same to yours!