We hear a lot about salt being bad for us and most of it is. Check the ingredients on the salt you use at home; is it just natural salt? Rarely. Table salt is usually processed and used in excess. It is no good for the body to receive sodium chloride with all natural trace elements and minerals removed from it, and chemicals mixed in, to replace them. The body is not made to absorb salt in this state. Pure sodium chloride causes water retention leading to high blood pressure, tissue edema and poor blood circulation. In order to deal with the excess sodium chloride, gall bladder and kidney stones are formed as well as harmful acids. The minerals and trace elements sodium chloride works with in the body get out of balance.

But natural crystal salt and whole sea salt are made of all the minerals and trace elements our bodies are made up of. This kind of salt is essential to our health. It is just as important as water is, we need to consume whole unprocessed sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt to be healthy.

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