Olive Oil

Olive oil is a wonderful food which is known to reduce the risk of heart disease and known for its healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. It has also been shown to activate antioxidants, liver enzymes, stimulate bile flow, pancreatic enzymes, anti-bacterial and viral activity as well as the development of membranes.

Virgin cold pressed olive oil improves brain cell function and maturation.

Virgin cold pressed olive oil stored in a dark glass bottle has more omega6 than omega3 but is an excellent source of omega9 which can strengthen the immune system’s Th1 arm. Olive oil has been proven to improve brain function.

Olive oil

It is however the minor components of olive oil which are believed to be responsible for the health-giving properties which olive oil is so famous for.

It is important to remember the rules to good oils for when you choose them as well as how they are used and stored; if these are not followed, the oil will not be of the nutritional value it is so praised for:

Do not use in cooking, as heat destroys the health properties and makes the unsaturated fats harmful as with seed and nut oils. Olive oil should be cold pressed, virgin and in a dark bottle. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are very fragile and easily damaged by heat, light and oxygen. They are easily changed into dangerous trans fatty acids. That is why seeds and nuts have such hard shells. The same is true of olive oil. So it is important not to cook these oils use raw over a cooked meal, two teaspoons per meal is about right. Store in a cool, dark place.

For frying use the juice from a lemon, lime or orange – see recipes for details. Keep oils refrigerated once opened – except for olive oil. Another alternative to frying is steaming. Vegetables are especially delicious when steamed – finish by adding a tbs of a good pure oil such as olive, pumpkin seed or linseed oil.


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