Anti-Candida Diet

Anti-Candida Diet:

Yeasts like Candida love sugar, so all sources need to be removed from the diet: avoid dry fruit and honey (sugar too – I am assuming you already do this – sugar is a poison!), fresh fruit is fine in moderation (its sugars are simple sugars) but avoid anything containing fructose, maltose, lactose as well as honey, maple syrup and the like. Avoid breakfast cereals (This is something to avoid long-term if you have MS).

Also avoid fruit which not yet ripe as well as fruit (and veg) which is going bad

Candida overgrowth is known to cause allergies to other fungi and moulds. Avoid all fungi and fermented foods such as yeast (including breads and pastries made using yeast), soured milk products, cheese, fermented drinks (alcohol), vinegar, malt, mushrooms, tea, coffee, dried fruit and commercial fruit juice (which often contains moulds). Once you are candida free, you can eat two tsps of fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and drink a tbsp of aloe vera juice before every meal, to prepare the gut for the food on its way, as part of a gut healing diet.

It is important to avoid soya (once the gut has been repaired you can eat organic fermented soya in miso or natto again, other forms of soya have no health benefits at all)

Candida is never alone in the gut, so to do things properly, and really heal your gut; it is also necessary to follow the GFCG Diet (Gluten Free Casein Free).

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