Chicken/Wood Pigeon Stir Fry

Frying without oil may seem difficult at first, but it can be just as easy and delicious. The following serves one:

50/60g chicken/wood-pigeon, 1/2 leak, 1 carrot, 1/2 onion, slice of squash, lemon/orange/lime, coriander, garlic, salt, pepper, herbs, linseed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed

– Chop the carrot and squash into cubes (I usually steam these for five minutes to make things go faster)

– Add to pan with meat and sprinkle in squeezed lemon/orange or lime, fry for 5 mins

– Chop and add the leak and onion, salt and pepper and herbs (I use herbes de provence or mixed herbs)

– Add more lemon/lime/orange juice (keep doing so to stop food from burning)

– Add chopped garlic and coriander and keep stirring for five mins or so, or until meat is ready

– Serve with a tbsp of olive oil and a tsp of freshly ground linseed, tsp of sunflower seed and tsp of pumpkin seed

This delicious and easy stir fry can be made using different vegetables – I usually go for whatever’s in the fridge, and is a tasty, quick and very healthy meal. It follows all the rules of the MS Diet.