Free Books on Alternative Treatment of MS in the UK

Overcoming MS (Prof george jelinek) and Recovering from MS – two books I have read and recommend, especially the first one, are being sent to people for free for a limited time only in the UK. All you need to do is write to:

Tell them you saw a leaflet about the two above mentioned books and you’d like to get them for free.

I think this will only be available for a short time period, as when I received mine, there was a leaflet with it advertising an event in London on the 16th June for £65(!) – so I think the free books are about creating an interest in the event. The books are free though, so go forth and order!!

Also, it looks like these books are only being given to the newly-diagnosed, which I think is quite unfair. So make sure that when you are asked, you give a diagnosis date will falls in the last six months.