Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy involves breathing in 90% oxygen through an oxygen mask, at an increased level of pressure. within an oxygen chamber.  There are numerous theories as to how it works. Dr Philip James’ theory is that every cell in your body is bathed in the oxygen, encouraging the body to repair itself. Because the body is under pressure (the therapy takes place in an air tight tank) it is easier for blood plasma to absorb greater quantities of oxygen and in turn increases the absorption of oxygen in cells, tissues, glands, and organs. Dr James believes that fat globules cause blockages leading to blood vessel damage which causes MS symptoms. Damaged blood vessels leak toxic substances into the surrounding nerve tissues, which causes damage to the myelin sheath. Oxygen breathed under pressure dislodges these globules.

What is certain is that the increased uptake of oxygen insures all areas of the body are reached despite inflammation or swelling. The extra oxygen helps the white blood cells to fight disease greatly aiding the healing process. It is believed that Oxygen therapy is able to stabilize MS. I have certainly found it very helpful. It keeps my leg symptoms at bay and reduces my levels of fatigue as well as symptoms of nausea. I have complete faith in Oxygen therapy and go twice a week, though some people feel that once a week is enough. The first twenty sessions must take place as close together as possible, but afterwards top ups of once/twice a week should be sufficient to maximise the effects of the treatment. I attend the MS Action centre in Walthamstow, London, for this treatment: http://www.msaction.org.uk/index.html

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