The Problem with Benefits

Do you have MS and are you finding it difficult to get the financial help you need and are entitled to from the government? There are so many people who are refused ESA or DLA because they ‘look OK’. It seems the jobcentre in the UK expects you to fall over during your assessment to pass the test. It is an unfair system which helps people who don’t need help and abandons those who really do. The people who assess you are not even always doctors.

It is difficult enough to explains to friends and family why one day you are fine and the next you are very unwell. Don’t let this get you down, give them the Judy Graham book to read if they really can’t understand. As for Benefits, there is help available. If you live in the UK, contact your local citizen’s advice for help with the forms you need to fill in and for appeals concerning benefits. This is a very useful website for help with benefits, have a look at it: