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The Auto-immune Disease Solution they’re not telling you: Episode 5 – The Products Destroying You and Your Family

This mind-blowing episode is on the effect that our daily environmental exposure to toxins has on our health. The amount of chemicals we are exposed to everyday has drastically increased; up to 74 billion pounds of chemicals are being imported or produced every day in the US alone. Chemical use is being increased at a rate of 3% per year and it is estimated that this figure will be doubled by 2024…!

Of the 100.000 chemicals introduced since the 1940s only 5% of these has had their safety tested. Once introduced ‘successfully’ they no longer need their safety checked. Industry is not expected to prove these chemicals safe – it is only if proven detrimental that they are looked into! All US citizens now have at least 108 different chemicals and heavy metals in their body.

The toxins and heavy metals in our food, beauty products, cleaning products and general environment disrupt the communication of cells in our body – misaligned messaging between the wrong cells and organs takes place and the body starts attacking itself in self defense as a result. We not only need to detox our bodies of chemicals but remove them from our environment altogether. Some of these chemicals bind directly to human tissue representing the first stage in auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Our food is toxic. Supermarket chicken, even organic chicken is bathed in chlorine…! The mineral depleted soil our food grows in makes us vulnerable to the toxicity. The dyes used to colour the sheets we sleep in and the flame retardants they are loaded with have hormone distruptors. Hormone distruptors alter the function of hormone pathways in your body. Instigating autoimmune diseases. Here is   Please watch this documentary:

Episode 5 of this important free Betrayal series:

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MUST-SEE Documentary on auto-immune disease; CAUSES AND Solutions

Episode 1 is a general introduction but episodes are being uploaded and removed daily. Today’s is on gut health PLEASE watch it, you may know lots already but I feel this is a great resource to summarize the important bits. Episode 2 (today’s) is about how digestive issues are a warning sign for auto-immune disease. If you suffer from digestive issues this is for you:


Constipation is always a sign of deficient intestinal flora. Normal gut flora is very involved in normal stool formation and elimination. Healthy evacuation should take place once or twice a day. If this is not the case, action must be taken to restore normal digestion. It is a symptom that many MS patients suffer from.

The Persian physician Ibn Sina Avicenna wrote about the importance of regular enemas in the 11th Century as part of treatment for serious health conditions. They are highly advocated for the treatment of conditions such as autoimmune disease and cancer. This rings true to me, having done several liver flushes involving enemas and colonic irrigations; as a result of the latter and diet changes, constipation is no longer a problem for me.

Persistent constipation is dangerous and it is important to resolve this problem. It leads to all sorts of digestive disorders including bowel cancer and poisons the whole body because of the toxins which remain in it. Many specialists recommend enemas daily, before bed followed by a warm bath with Epsom salt, seaweed powder, cider vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or sea salt. Rubbing cold pressed olive oil into the abdominal area after the bath is said to be a good idea also to relieve constipation, the skin will absorb it well enough. Enemas are an immediate solution but the way to fix constipation long-term is through diet and probiotics.

Laxatives are not recommended for people with digestive problems, even if they are herbal. Following the MS diet will relieve constipation, but it is also important to deal with the cause: gut dysbiosis. If you are constipated, drinking more water throughout the day and eating more vegetables will definitely help.