The Auto-immune Disease Solution they’re not telling you: Episode 5 – The Products Destroying You and Your Family

This mind-blowing episode is on the effect that our daily environmental exposure to toxins has on our health. The amount of chemicals we are exposed to everyday has drastically increased; up to 74 billion pounds of chemicals are being imported or produced every day in the US alone. Chemical use is being increased at a rate of 3% per year and it is estimated that this figure will be doubled by 2024…!

Of the 100.000 chemicals introduced since the 1940s only 5% of these has had their safety tested. Once introduced ‘successfully’ they no longer need their safety checked. Industry is not expected to prove these chemicals safe – it is only if proven detrimental that they are looked into! All US citizens now have at least 108 different chemicals and heavy metals in their body.

The toxins and heavy metals in our food, beauty products, cleaning products and general environment disrupt the communication of cells in our body – misaligned messaging between the wrong cells and organs takes place and the body starts attacking itself in self defense as a result. We not only need to detox our bodies of chemicals but remove them from our environment altogether. Some of these chemicals bind directly to human tissue representing the first stage in auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Our food is toxic. Supermarket chicken, even organic chicken is bathed in chlorine…! The mineral depleted soil our food grows in makes us vulnerable to the toxicity. The dyes used to colour the sheets we sleep in and the flame retardants they are loaded with have hormone distruptors. Hormone distruptors alter the function of hormone pathways in your body. Instigating autoimmune diseases. Here is   Please watch this documentary:

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Vaccines, Fillings and Environmental Toxins

A couple of years ago, when talking to my dad about Multiple Sclerosis, he turned to me and said “I don’t understand why you are all ill, it wasn’t like this when I was younger”. He was referring to me and my sister as well as most of my cousins; we all had IBS, ulcerative colitis, allergies, food intolerances and of course; MS. Why is illness so prevalent now a days?

In fact, it is not so rare that the siblings of someone with an autoimmune disease have asthma, eczema, diabetes, allergies, hay fever, digestive problems, ADHD or autism to name but a few. The only thing in common between all of these and autoimmune conditions is a compromised immune system. An important arm of the immune system resides in the gut; the good bacteria found there. Where there is abnormal gut flora, there will inevitable be a propensity to disease. If a mother has abnormal flora, she will inevitably pass it on to her children; whether they are breast-fed or not. The same is true of the father. This explains why the siblings of children with autoimmune diseases also suffer from a compromised immune system. An immune system which is not functioning properly is not fit to deal with environmental toxins correctly. This is why some children become autistic after receiving an MMR vaccine. Researchers in France also discovered a strong link between the Hepatitis B jab and Multiple Sclerosis. Unlike in England, where most children are given this vaccine at school; in France it is only given to adults joining the medical profession. So a clear link soon became evident between nurses/doctors and MS. I am not saying that vaccines cause autism or MS. Vaccines are able to bring on illnesses not cause them. This is because when an immune system is not functioning correctly, and is made to deal with the ‘illness’ they are injected as well as the dangerous substances used in a vaccine; it is too much for the organism. Vaccines are never tested for long enough; and should be avoided where possible.


Amalgam fillings are often singled in relation to MS for similar reasons; their toxic mercury content which is slowly released into the body via the mouth, and again, a compromised immune system cannot handle more toxicity. People with compromised immune systems are already toxic enough. The toxic overload eventually becomes too much for an over-worked liver and this results in disease. It is interesting to note that as well as other toxic substances, the MMR vaccine so linked to autism; also contains a mercury compound.

Many MS patients and the parents of autistic or epileptic children, can link the onset of the illness to a fever. Again, a compromised immune system eventually malfunctions; fever, low levels of calcium in the blood, low blood sugar or exposure to toxins are often the last straw for this weak immune system which can take no more.

MS drugs don’t cure the illness – they accelerate its development by filling an already toxic body with a constant dose of toxic chemicals, adding to the toxic load that it is already having trouble dealing with.

epilepsy drugs don’t cure or suppress seizures; they suppress brain activity. This then causes side effects on a child’s mental development – they cannot learn well, become zombie like and don’t do well at school or socially because they go through personality changes.

The first treatment given to kids with epilepsy is usually sodium valproate (Epilim) from a general ep and carbamazepine for partial seizures and syndromes. Later, these children will suffer from numerous side effects such as digestive problems, nausea, ataxia, tremors, hair loss, increased appetite and weight gain, impaired liver and kidneys, blood coagulation problems, pancreatitis, blood cell abnormalities.

Glycerin suppositories.jpg

Before these heavily chemical drugs were used, children with epilepsy were offered B6 injections first. These worked well for many and some were even cured, but unfortunately this is no longer done. People with epilepsy, like those with MS have a heavy toxic load as well as many nutritional deficiencies due to abnormal gut flora. If you or your child suffers from Epilepsy or Autism I really cannot recommend the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome enough.

Epilepsy, like MS is caused by the following:

– A leaky gut which lets toxic substances reach the brain and in epilepsy this can trigger seizures, fits etc

– Nutritional deficiencies – patients are always deficient in zinc, folic acid, magnesium, thiamine and other b vitamins, EFAs, amino acids, selenium, and other deficiencies caused by abnormal gut flora.

These need to be dealt with before any the body can overcome any chronic or longterm illness such as those mentioned above. To do this, you need to heal the gut.

In nature, and indeed we can see this in other animals; not all of the young survive. Humans have created vaccines to prevent this from happening, but as a result many children are very sickly or grow up to have many health problems.

Due to our unhealthy lifestyle of overworking, overeating of unnatural foods and everyday contact with dangerous chemicals children are also more often than not born to parents suffering from digestive disorders, ME, autoimmune conditions, neurological problemss,  asthma, eczema, bad allergies, and fibromialgia. The abnormal intestinal flora in parents, the presence of which is indicated by digestive problems; is enough to cause illness and needs to be remedied before having children, or as a family; but as soon as possible to prevent any propensity to disease to take hold. If parents or siblings suffer from digestive disorders, or indeed any of the above mentioned illnesses they eventually cause; then children shouldn’t be vaccinated at all. For more information of this subject I strongly recommend reading Dr Campbell’s wonderful book.