Acrylamides: Avoid them like the Plague!

The Swedish National Food Administration and Stockholm University reported having found extremely neurotoxic and carcinogenic substances in some everyday starchy foods that had been baked or fried at high temperatures. Their findings were confirmed by scientists in Norway, the UK and Switzerland. The substances they had found, causing cancer, infertility and neurological diseases was called Acrylamides.


These substances are so dangerous that for a while now there has been a maximum limit to set for how long they can be kept in the materials used for food packaging. However for a long time it was the packaging that was suspected to cause the presence of these substances, when finally the food itself was examined, it was found that there were far more of these substances than what had initially been considered safe for human consumption. What can you do to ensure you do not eat these harmful substances? Avoid food containing them like the plague!

Foods containing acrylamides: crisps, chips and other starchy snack foods, coffee

(These should be avoided anyway as part of the MS Diet)