The Auto-immune Disease Solution they’re not telling you: Episode 5 – The Products Destroying You and Your Family

This mind-blowing episode is on the effect that our daily environmental exposure to toxins has on our health. The amount of chemicals we are exposed to everyday has drastically increased; up to 74 billion pounds of chemicals are being imported or produced every day in the US alone. Chemical use is being increased at a rate of 3% per year and it is estimated that this figure will be doubled by 2024…!

Of the 100.000 chemicals introduced since the 1940s only 5% of these has had their safety tested. Once introduced ‘successfully’ they no longer need their safety checked. Industry is not expected to prove these chemicals safe – it is only if proven detrimental that they are looked into! All US citizens now have at least 108 different chemicals and heavy metals in their body.

The toxins and heavy metals in our food, beauty products, cleaning products and general environment disrupt the communication of cells in our body – misaligned messaging between the wrong cells and organs takes place and the body starts attacking itself in self defense as a result. We not only need to detox our bodies of chemicals but remove them from our environment altogether. Some of these chemicals bind directly to human tissue representing the first stage in auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Our food is toxic. Supermarket chicken, even organic chicken is bathed in chlorine…! The mineral depleted soil our food grows in makes us vulnerable to the toxicity. The dyes used to colour the sheets we sleep in and the flame retardants they are loaded with have hormone distruptors. Hormone distruptors alter the function of hormone pathways in your body. Instigating autoimmune diseases. Here is   Please watch this documentary:

Episode 5 of this important free Betrayal series:

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MUST-SEE Documentary on auto-immune disease; CAUSES AND Solutions

Episode 1 is a general introduction but episodes are being uploaded and removed daily. Today’s is on gut health PLEASE watch it, you may know lots already but I feel this is a great resource to summarize the important bits. Episode 2 (today’s) is about how digestive issues are a warning sign for auto-immune disease. If you suffer from digestive issues this is for you:

Stomach Acid

The stomach normally produces hydrochloric acid which lowers the pH to 3 or less, so that when the stomach walls activate pepsin (an enzyme which digests protein) it is able to do its job properly. This means that when there is not enough acid in the stomach proteins are not digested properly, the most troublesome of these being gluten and casein which are only part-digested because of the low-level of acid and cross the blood barrier in the form of casomorphines and gliadomorphines to reach the brain, blocking normal brain activity and development as a result.

Stomach acidity is responsible for regulating the ability of the liver and pancreas to deal with the arrival of food. This is because it is important that the duodenum has a pH lower than 2 before food reaches it in order for its walls to produce the hormones secretin and cholecystokinin. These hormones are absorbed into the blood and taken to the liver, pancreas and stomach as well as other organs. Secretin stops the stomach producing juice which stimulates the production of bile in the liver so that the intestinal lining knows food is on its way. The latter then produces mucus to protect itself and stimulates the production of alkalising bicarbonate in the pancreas in order to neutralise the acid in the food coming from the stomach, preparing it for the digestive enzymes on their way from the pancreas. This alkaline pH is necessary for pancreatic enzymes to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The second hormone, cholecystokinin is the one which commands the production of these digestive enzymes. When it is not made by the duodenum walls (because not enough acid is sent from the stomach with the food) the pancreas will not produce the digestive enzymes needed for that food.

Cholecystokinin also gets the stomach to stop working so that the gallbladder empties its bile into the duodenum so that fat can be digested, inducing the pancreas to release juices and start digesting the food. Without the hormones secretin and cholecystokinin, digestion cannot take place. When stomach acid is low, this is what happens. Food is thus maldigisted and mal-absorbed leading to nutritional deficiencies. Particles of mal-digested food such as casomorphins and gliadomorphins are absorbed through the leaky gut wall causing trouble in the brain. Others provoke allergies and autoimmune reactions damaging the weak immune system even more.

Carbohydrates which are not digested properly become food for abnormal gut flora click here to read about the havoc that these go on to cause. Undigested food is left to rot in the digestive tract, poisoning the entire body further. The body does its best to seal these toxins and prevent them from poisoning us further, by combining them with cholesterol and storing them as stones in our liver and kidneys.

Antacids are prescribed for indigestion; further reducing the stomach’s ability to produce acid and aggravating the situation even more. Dr Natasha Campbell suggests supplementing stomach acid with Betaine HC1 with added Pepsin before each meal. This is not to be taken with probiotic powder as the latter will be destroyed; it is better to take the probiotic first thing in the morning and with or after food as acid will be at its lowest. These are only to be taken until the gut starts healing.

I think I will try the natural alternative to Betaine: sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice before food to prepare the stomach for food. Meat stock is also recommended to do this.

Vitamins and Flushing

People with MS as with many other chronic diseases are deficient in many vitamins and minerals because their bodies are so overloaded with toxicicity. In order to provide their bodies with these vital vitamins and minerals they need to supplement their diet with vitamins.

Disease occurs when tissues have degenerated, toxic materials accumulated and the body can no longer remove them. This is when symptoms start to occur. To reverse disease we need our tissues to be better functioning and cleaner with more vitality than we had before. To get to this point, we need to help the body, by cleaning it with liver flushing and by eating only helpful foods that will be used for the repair that needs to take place. Prior to and during this great clean up, we need to take vitamins, as the body is unable to absorb them naturally from the food we eat as before the illness.

Further to these problems; there is also the problem of fillers and binders used in vitamin tablets which will aggravate an inflamed digestive system even further.

There is also the problem of nutrients competing for absorption sites in the gut, so we can’t take too much of anything – and higher doses than the usual RDA of vitamins are usually advisable for people who are ill!

However the subject of vitamins is, with reason, much debated. The body recognises vitamins in our food but synthetic vitamins are not often absorbed due to the poor state of our digestive systems and anything that is absorbed is often unrecognised by the body and sent to the kidneys to be disposed of through urine. This can then lead to kidney stones. People suffering from autoimmune diseases among others are likely to have digestive troubles already, and these supplements only add to their toxic load. Despite the poor state of my digestive system, I have found on blood tests that my body does absorb the vitamins and I think this is because I use high quality vitamins like higher nature, True foods and Biocare. Who knows however, if the vitamin readings are due to them being in the blood on their way to the kidneys.

I am thinking about stopping these vitamins as I go on the GAPS diet as Dr Campbell explains that they only serve to aggravate the digestive system further and can interfere with the process of healing the gut. She suggests we take liquid supplements which do require as much work to break down. It is also important to choose supplements with a high absorption rate such as those with fulvic acid which not only increases absorption of vitamins but also has chelating properties for heavy metals. You can provide fulvic acid by ensuring your probiotic has soil bacteria in it (as it is produced by this bacteria).

I know also that once we have freed the liver (and kidneys if necessary) from its stones, it will be free to work at its optimum. Once the liver is fully functioning, we will absorb all the nutrients we need from the food we eat as nature intended. Then we can stop taking supplements, stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle and let the body take care of itself as before.

Until you have healed your gut and restored your liver, it is sensible to keep on taking the vitamins you know your body absorbs (you can find out by asking your doctor for a blood test) and by taking liquid supplements such as fish oil and cod liver oil, because these are easier for the body to absorb. It is also a good idea to get juicing and provide the body with easy to absorb food in this way so that vitamins are easier for it to get hold of in concentrated amounts. Taking a good probiotic also increases the body’s ability to absorb vitamins by up to 50%.

So in conclusion, to fix the problem of deficiencies, we need to:

-start juicing

-take a good probiotic

-supplement liquid fish oil and cod liver oil

-carry out liver and kidney flushing

-follow the gaps diet to heal the gut so that we can cure our nutritional deficiencies naturally

Kidney Flushing

The kidneys are very delicate organs. Dehydration, poor diet, weak digestion, stress and irregular lifestyle lead to the congestion of the kidneys. The main causes of congestion are kidney stones but most of these are too small to be detected through ultrasound or x-ray. Although they do not cause too much trouble when small, when they grow bigger they can really damage the kidneys. It is a good idea to illuminate them before they get to this stage. If you are already liver flushing, it is important to kidney flush every three or four liver flushes.


To see if you have any sand or stones in your kidneys, pull the skin under your eyes to the side towards your cheekbones. If you see irregular bumps, protrusions, discolouration of the skin or red/white pimples you have probably got some small kidney stones.

A kidney flush is much easier than a liver flush. It involves a tea which you sip over the day for 20 days. If you have already had kidney stones, do this flush every six weeks or so, to be sure you are rid of any remnants. According to Andreas Moritz’s book, to make it you will need the following herbs:

1oz of MarjoramCat’s Claw*

2oz of Fennel Seed, Chicory Herb, Uva Ursi, Hydrangea Root, Gravel Root, Marshmallow Root & Golden Rod Herb

For those of you looking for these herbs in London, I found most of these at Whole Foods in Brixton, except for Hydrangea Root & Gravel Root which I found at Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. I had to get Chicory Herb on Amazon as it was really difficult to source elsewhere.

Use the quantity indicated for the above herbs and mix them together well and store in an airtight container. Soak three tablespoons of the  mixture in two cups of water (about 250ml) overnight. In the morning, put these into a pan and bring to the boil. Strain and sip over the course of the day, waiting an hour after eating before doing so. It is recommended this tea be drank in about six to eight portions. You should drink more water than usual during the 20 days you kidney flush.

*Moritz also says you need 1oz of Comfrey Root, but I have read that this is a very dangerous herb and not at all recommended for human consumption, it can be fatale…so I would avoid this!