Diet – The Basics

It has been proven by research and trials carried out by Professor Swank and Professor Hugh Sinclair that MS can be managed effectively using diet. It was discovered that the consumption of saturated fat led to the quickening of the degeneration of the myelin sheath in people with MS. By avoiding saturated fat, and keeping it to a maximum of 15g a day, whilst increasing the consumption of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats – EFAs (essential Fatty acids); you can stabilise your MS. For a clear and logical explanation and more detail of the tests carried out and their results, please read Multiple Sclerosis – A Self-Help Guide to Its management by Judy Graham.

In simple terms the diet is as follows:

No red meat for the first year

Eat at least 3 fish meals a week

Eat organic organ foods i.e. ½ lb liver a week (Waitrose sells organic liver in the UK)

Eat your ten a day of fruit and vegetables (mostly veg though)

Eat a generous helping of dark green leafy vegetables every day

Eat linseed everyday – grind before eating as it goes rancid in 15mins – same goes for all seeds (good source of alpha-linolenic acid)

Eat a salad made of mixed raw vegetables everyday with 2 tsp of polyunsaturated oil

Eat as much fresh food as possible rather than processed food

Try to eat only organic fruit and vegetables and get your ten a day

Eat whole foods rather than refined foods

Choose lean, organic meat (after first year of cutting out red meat). Trim all fat off the meat before cooking. Refer to Judy Garner’s book for quantities, as it is important to be careful with saturated fat content. Alternate between lean meats to get as wide a range of the nourishment they have to offer. Meat stock is very good as it provides nourishment from bones and joints unavailable in the meat itself.

Eat eggs – (no more than one a day/ four a week though because of their high saturated fat content) they are very good for you!

Use polyunsaturated oil (make sure that these have not been processed or hydrogenated), and do not cook them.

Eat nuts in moderation they are good souces of omega3s and omega6s.

Here are some very interesting links about foods aimed at myelin sheath repair:

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