Proteins and Carbohydrates


In bold are the best sources along with the amount needed in a serving to get 20g of protein – a man needs 3-4 servings and a woman 2-3 a day. If you are vegetarian, eat seed foods and embrace green smoothies – vegetables have proteins too!

Quinoa (100g/1 cup dry weight) Tofu (275g), Corn (500g/3 cups cooked weight)

Brown rice (400g/3 cups cooked weight), Chickpeas (115g/0.66 cups cooked weight), Lentils (85g/1 cup cooked weight)

Tuna (canned – 85g/1 small tin), Cod (35g/1 very small piece), Salmon (100g/1 very small piece), Sardines (100g/1 grilled), Chicken (75g/1 small roasted breast)

Sunflower seeds (185g/1 cup), Pumpkin seeds (75g/o.5 cup), Cashew nuts (115g/1 cup), Almonds (115g/1 cup)                                                         NB: nuts are high in saturated fats so be careful about how many you eat, a limit of 20g a day is usually OK depending on the nut, check the package for details keeping in mind that you need to limit saturated fats to 15g a day in total.

Eggs (115g/2 medium – limit to 4 a week due to high saturated fat content), natural Yoghurt (450g/3 small pots), Cottage cheese (125g/1 small pot)

Peas (frozen – 250g/2 cups), beans (200g/2 cups), broccoli (40g/0.5 cup), spinach (40g/0.66 cup) Make green smoothies to make the most out of these!

Lentils and rice (125g/small cup dry weight), beans and rice (125g/small cup dry weight) 

Eat lean meat as it is a source of arachidonic acid

The Best Slow-Release Carbohydrates

Fructose, grapes, oranges, apples, plums, pears, apricot (dried), grapefruit, cherries, barley, wholemeal spaghetti, wholegrain rye bread, wholegrain wheat bread, porridge oats, soya beans, lentils, kidney beans, haricot beans, black eye beans, chickpeas, butterbeans, baked beans.

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