Breakfast Smoothie

I labelled this post “Breakfast Smoothie” to lure you in but I promise the the green-reality of this page is equally delicious!

Since January, I have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast. They are really tasty and so quick to prepare. They are an energizing and convenient way to start your day.

Ingredients: Green leaves like kale or lettuce (carrot tops and cauliflower leaves work too), fruit (I like a pear or two, berries are good and so are apples or melon), 1tsp linseed, 1tsp pumpkin seed (2:1 omega3:omega6), *vitamins (if you take any -add liquid ones and blend capsules for easier digestion – removing any plastics ones -empty the powder directly into the smoothie).


*In January I also stopped taking my vitamins as I read that I was probably not absorbing them well enough. Although initially I felt great (I was drinking a green smoothie everyday for breakfast) I am now having a minor relapse and have read that blending vitamins is fine, and so have incorporated them back into my diet.

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