Exercise is Important

Exercise  is extremely important to keep your joints and muscles working. It also helps to keep the immune system in action as well as helping with the digestive system. I try to practice yoga every morning to combat stiffness and aches. I also find that it really helps with balance.  I used to swim regularly, for about half an hour each time and found that it prevented my legs from getting heavy. It is the perfect exercise for people with MS as you can practice it without overheating – something which you should be careful about if you have MS. However I have now stopped because the chlorine in the swimming pool is quite dangerous to be absorbing three times a week, having discovered that the skin absorbs everything. If you are lucky to live near a natural source of water, such as the sea, use it, go and swim!!!

During exercise your body releases endorphins which leave you feeling in a really good mood, something which is generally very helpful when fighting illness. There is also the use it or you’ll lose it aspect which is worth considering. Never over-work your body, exercise is important for its maintenance but if you push yourself you are more likely to do yourself damage than good. Your body will warn you when it is time to stop, if you feel tired it is essential to rest.

Some good yoga websites:





helpfull poses for heavy legs:



6 thoughts on “Exercise is Important

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  6. Hi Viv

    This is Belgin Warren we have met in St Joseph’s Hospice Hacney at Neuro Group.
    Monica Larkin and her cute dog Flora were there if you remember.
    I had a look your web site as you kindly gave me your business card
    I wanted to thank you. Your website is a great help with lots of useful information.
    Hope to see you I wish you well


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