Going Green

I am not doing too well at the moment as I overdid it again. I tried to take on more than I should have because I was feeling energetic, and basically forgot I had MS altogether! I stopped going to bed early, didn’t sleep enough hours, skipped HBO therapy and stopped swimming and it has left me exhausted. Still, at least I know why I feel like this. My body has given me a serious wake-up call and I am already on the road to recovery.

Anyway, during one of my long rests, I read Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. It is about the importance of greens in our diet. She explains that not all green vegetables can be considered ‘greens’. Greens contain amino acids – they are proteins as well as antioxidants, and so make a pretty complete food. The human jaw is no longer able to break them down sufficiently and so she recommends blending them into a smoothie, combined with fruit for a nice taste. Not just any blender though, she swears by Vitamix because of its high-speed motor. A normal blender will blend the greens down only while its blades are sharp. Because of the speed of this specific blender, the sharpness of its blades are unimportant.

So, as if by fate, the second I mentioned to my partner that I’d done a search on amazon and it was so expensive he checked eBay and found a new one for much cheaper in the last two minutes of bidding! Now this wasn’t so much an impulse buy as it sounds as good friends of mine have been raving on about this blender for some time now and telling me I should get one. Victoria Boutenko’s book pushed me to do it for real. I really recommend you read her book, it is eye-opening. She tells of how she, her family and many others have cured themselves of their illnesses with a green smoothie everyday. If you are thinking about going on a raw diet, or just trying to improve your health, this book will be very helpful. I; who thought my diet was perfect, am about to make it even better!

Juicing allows you to consume large quantities of fruit and vegetables and benefit from their nutrition. It also provides the food to you without the fibre, which is what makes absorption difficult for people with digestive issues; further aggravating their sensitive and inflammed digestive system. People with MS are toxic and do not absorb nutrients from their food as they should, but juicing provides the body with what it needs from these foods in a way that doesn’t overwork the digestive system. It is recommended we drink two glasses of freshly blended juice a day to remmedy vitamin ++deficiencies.

So here begins my journey with green smoothies, I am just waiting for the arrival of my Vitamix to start. I might gradually stop taking the vitamins I take in the hope that my body is going to absorb them easily through these smoothies. I will keep you updated on how I get on as I go.

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