Flush #2

I have now completed my second liver flush and it was even more sucessful than the first.

I released around 300 stones (!) this time, some of them quite large. And the flush itself was much easier as I hardly felt any nausea this time around (I drank a lot of water during the day of the fast, and am pretty sure that it was dehydration that was making me feel sick last time.

I can’t stress how important the colonic irrigation afterwards is. I passed about half of the stones during it, so don’t skip this important step if you are going to do a flush.

I actually felt a quite sick during the colonic, and had to ask for water. This happened because of how toxic the release was.

If the idea of a colonic irrigation makes you uncomfortable, look for a clinic where they use the modern Libbe open system such as the one they use at the clinic I go to: http://aquadiaqua.co.uk/ it means that you are in control and the therapist leaves you to it once you’ve got the hang of it. I highly recommend it, and will not be going back to the old system!!

I also recommend a thorough reading of Andreas Moritiz’s book beforehand.

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