I have done a lot of reading on the subject of MS. The point of my blog is to make the information I have found available to anyone with MS. However, I recommend you get a more in-depth understanding of why things work from the best books I have come across, so here they are:

Essential reading

Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Help Guide to Its Management by Judy Graham – The best and most complete book I have read about MS so far, I strongly recommend anyone with MS, especially the newly diagnosed, or those who have not yet been greatly affected by the disease to read it NOW!

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Professor George Jelinek – This is a newer book than Judy Graham’s which highlights some of the new discoveries since Graham’s book, such as how Evening Primrose Oil is not the best idea and the great importance of vitamin D in MS. Although Jelinek spends some time denouncing the role of pharmaceutical companies in the hype about steroids and disease modifying drugs, he doesn’t renounce their use as much as he should and endorses them somewhat. Other than that, this is an important work by someone in the medical profession who has MS himself.

The Yeast Connection Handbook by William G.Crook – Find out how many modern diseases including MS and related to Candida, really worth reading for anyone who lives in the modern backwards world we live in.

The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Mortiz – A wonderful book about optimising the power of your liver so that you can recover your health. It provides a solid explanation to why the liver and gallbladder become obstructed with stones which prevent them from working properly, leading to a vast amount of diseases. It also gives you instructions on how to flush these stones out, read it!

New Developments for MS Sufferers by Jan de Vries – a very useful summary of key dietary points to remember and a very encouraging story about an MS patient who reversed his illness through diet, well worth reading.

Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed by C.Thomas Corriher & Sarah C.Corriher
– This book is the single most comprehensive source of how to improve your health while living in the modern world that I have ever come across. It deals with issues ranging from cancer and heart disease to allergies and vaccines. I absolutely recommend the book it is an invaluable health reference. If you want specific information quickly and easily they also have a fantastic website with all the information they provide in their book which they keep updated and where they answer questions:  The Health Wyze Report

Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr Natasha Campbell -A revolutionary read providing the science behind how we damage our digestive system, leading to a compromised immune system. Dr Natacha also has a solution: fix your gut, snd get rid of those nutritional deficiencies. For more info, click here.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle A good read to stop over-thinking everything and to learn how to live in the present – this has been an enormous help to me.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko will revolutionalise the way you eat. It teaches you about greens and how they are superfoods – did you know for instance, that they are proteins and prvide the body with amino acids when broken down enough? Boutenko as teaches us about the extreme importance of fiber.

La Sclérose en Plaques est Guérissable by Dr Kousmine – if you can read French, this is a very interesting read on a study Dr Kousmine carried out on 55 MS patients, all of whom improved when they changed their diet drastically.  

Suggested reading

Super Eating Ian Marber – or a similar reference to different foods, their nutritional value and the way to get the best out of everything you eat.

What doctors don’t tell youwww.wddty.comthis website is very helpful, you will have to register to use it, and will be unable to see articles in full, but enough to research their content afterwards elsewhere. The book itself is also quite a good read: What Doctors Don’t Tell You by Lynne Mctaggart, but it is more general and not MS specific.

Bibliography of sources used for this blog

A New Earth  Eckhart Tolle

Curarse con la Fruta Carlos Merino

Candida Albicans Leon Chaitow

Coping With Multiple Sclerosis Richard Reynolds and Cynthia Benz

Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed C.Thomas Corriher & Sarah C.Corriher

Green for Life Victoria Boutenko

Healing with Whole Foods  Paul Pitchford

Multiple Sclerosis: A self Help Guide to Its Management Judy Graham

Natural Highs Patrick Holford & Dr Hyla Cass

Nature Has A Remedy Dr Jensen

Super Eating Ian Marber

The Healing Code DermotO’Conner

The Complete Reflexology Tutor Ann Gillanders

The Omega Plan Artemis P.Simopoulos and Jo Robinson

The Wahls Protocol Terry Wahls

What Doctors Don’t Tell You Lynne Mctaggart

You Can Heal Your Life Louise L.Hay


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