Stress and Mindset

Stress – It is important to avoid stress as much as possible. The body experiences stress as a life threatening situation, if you put it through this too many times, it will lead to problems with adrenalin and the body can only live in constant stress for so long before it begins to break down. Stress depletes vitamins and energy, it also makes the brain release cortisol and other hormones which are damaging to the body. So people who suffer from chronic stress or nervousness are left with a weak immune system.

It is unrealistic to think you can avoid it completely. The answer is to learn how to handle stress so that you do not have an adverse reaction to it. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle is a very good guide for training yourself to overcome stress, I highly recommend reading it; for me it has been a life-changing read.

The Power of the Mind

You are what you eat, but also what you think. I am convinced that the reason for my MS is my inability to deal with stress/stressful situations. From being overwhelmed at university to the management of problems with friends, I have let myself get ill by not looking after myself or taking time out for myself. Overworking and over-analysing are key issues which often lead to chronic illness. Avoid them, and learn to deal with situations instead of letting them get on top of you or get you down. Your health is no.1, remember that at all times and stop over thinking things. A self-help book I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to learn to stop thinking, and start being is A New World by Eckhart Tolle. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, don’t let anyone tell you your illness is incurable.

Positivity goes a long way. There is absolutely no point in being pessimistic or feeling sorry for yourself. These attitudes are likely to worsen symptoms and accelerate the deterioration of your body. What you must do is believe 100% in the treatment that you chose to follow and be disciplined when it comes to diet, exercise and sleep. Do not talk about your treatment to those who don’t believe in it. Don’t let their criticism affect your devotion to it. This is your journey, so aim high and give it everything you have. There is no need to over-think your symptoms, try to forget about them, stop talking about them and you may find that they lessen or actually disappear completely.

Do not give up on your hobbies; enjoying life is part of maintaining health. You must be happy to overcome disease, so try to practice activities that make you happy regularly.

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