Gluten Free Casein Free Diet (GFCG)

GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) Diet


Wheat and gluten (protein found in grains)- this includes barley, oats, rye,spelt. Gluten-free wheat products are also to be avoided if not organic.

Processed carbohydrates containing gluten (Children with Autism need to follow a more structured elimination of food types, read Gut and Psychology Syndrome for more information).

All starch and complex carbohydrates must be removed – carbohydrates especially starch and refined sugars feed pathogens in the gut as well as elsewhere in the body. Removing these foods restricts the activity of these pathogens. This means no grains or starchy vegetables. Even healthy people have trouble digesting starch, so it often goes undigested, providing food for bad bacteria, so that they may thrive and fill the gut with the toxins they produce; which then leak into the blood. The reason we crave these processed carbohydrates is that we have abnormal gut flora, which needs them to survive. Click here for a list of non-starchy vegetables which you can still eat whilst on this diet.

Only eat ripe fruit – fruit especially when unripe contains sucrose – a double sugar, which cannot be absorbed without the enterocytes splitting them up into monosugars; something they are unable to do when gut flora is abnormal. Instead it will become food for pathogenic bacteria.

Once the gut has been healed, it should be OK to go back to wheat and gluten in moderation. If you have MS dairy should be avoided as a general rule anyway.

Do not worry about cutting out fibre from carbohydrates; fruit and vegetables provide a much better source of fibre that is less harmful to an impaired digestive system.

It is also sensible to follow the anti-Candida diet and the GAPS diet to heal your gut and stop any further problems from developing in your digestive system; the GFCF diet alone will not fix everything on its own.