The Dangers of Modern Medicine

The conventional treatment for MS are corticosteroids and disease modifying drugs. These are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs which alleviate symptoms but weaken the immune system at a time when you should be strengthening it. Corticosteroids stay in the body for a long time and cause unpleasant side effects such as weight gain/lose as well as loss of appetite. If you do choose to continue taking them, drink plenty of water to help dilute it and avoid that metal taste in your mouth. Sleep lots and eat well to aid the body to deal with them. There are other natural ways of dealing with MS that strengthen your immune system and general health. These methods have been tested on people with MS for over forty years but the medical industry refuses to recognize their worth as obviously this would reduce the sales of big drug companies.

My personal experience with disease modifying drugs was awful. I had to inject myself with them three times a week and had flu-like symptoms and aches all over my body pretty soon after the injection. My partner would inject me at night because it was impossible to do anything other than sleep afterwards. Then the horrible symptoms lasted for one to two days, and by the time I was over them, it was time for another injection. It was impossible for me to work during the month and a half or so that I took the drugs I’d been prescribed and I knew my body was telling me to look for another way. The corticosteroids made me lose a lot of weight and I also lost my appetite for several weeks as a result of taking them. I will outline the alternative options to the conventionally prescribed aggressive drugs on the following pages of my blog. As I have mentioned on my home page, I am not a doctor and so do recommend you seek advice from a qualified practitioner if you decide to stop taking any prescribed medication. The advice on diet, exercise and rest can be helpful to you even if you do not decide to cut out conventional medication from your treatment.

Antibiotics damage your intestinal flora, and it is recommended that if you do take them, you then follow with a course of acidophilus for three months to repair the damage they have done.

MRIs (Magnetic resonance imaging) subject you to an extremely powerful magnetic field which excites the nuclei of cells to produce a radio-frequency which translates into images. The consequences of exposing the body to this magnetic field and of the way it heats the cells and influences the magnetic matter in the body are unknown due to the procedure being relatively new. It is not yet known whether it can damage body tissues. It is known however that this heating can affect the white blood cell count. The correct functioning of white blood cells is essential to the immune system. I would advise you do more research on MRIs before undergoing another. Especially if it is just for a routine check.

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