Vitamins and Supplements

People with MS generally have difficulty absorbing many vitamins and minerals from their food, and this is why it is important to take supplements as well as eating well. They work together to protect and rebuild the body so it is important to take the right doses not to overdo or ignore any. I take a range of vitamins, most following the guidelines of Judy Graham’s book, and some that I read of in other health books. The ones I take are listed below but are less than the dosages that Judy Graham suggests, as I am taking quality vitamins – True Foods and BioCare. I recommend you request a general blood test from your GP to see what your vitamin levels are like before you start taking them.

Fish oil – 1,000mg, once a day

Vitamin C – up to 1g per tablet, 1 tablet a day

Vitamin D – 4000 iu a day (ensure you are getting enough vitamin K2 when taking vit D)

B Complex – 1 tablet a day

B6 – 50mg once or twice a day (no more)

Vitamin b12 injections – once a week or more often of hydroxycobalamin [I don’t do this as my blood tests show that my body is absorbing the b12 from the b complex, probably because I am using good quality vitamins]

Zinc – 15mg a day

Magnesium 50mg a day

Manganese 10mg a day

Selenium 50 ug a day

Lecithin 2 tablets of 200mg, 3 times a day [I use the granules]

Free-form amino acids ½ teaspoon in water twice daily [or Spirulina which has enough amino acids in it]

Co-enzyme Q10 30mg a day

Acidophilus (or similar product) – up to 3 doses of 500mg a day

MSM 1000mg a day

Spirulina (instead of amino acids – see Spirulina page)

Wheatgrass (see wheatgrass page)

NB: Many vitamin brands are not to be trusted. Good quality vitamin distributors include Higher Nature and True Foods. If you take quality vitamins, you can take weaker doses as they are far stronger than the standard ones. Vegetarian capsules/ the pure oils are available if you wish to avoid gelatine which is often in commercial vitamins, but the good vitamin brands make theirs without it. It would be best to see a trained nutritionist who can give you a list of vitamins more specific to your needs.

4 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements

  1. I take vitamins and supplements every day and your list gives specific dosages and thank you for that. I have had MS for 40 years and am paralyzed on my left side and in a wheelchair. I will certainly read Judy Grahams book. thanks!

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