Black Seed Oil

A friend of mine came round yesterday with a bottle of mercy oil/black seed oil. She siad it had really helped her family with health problems. I had a look on the net and found that apparently this wonderful oil is not only ant-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic but also has a powerful regulatory effect on the immune system. I will try it out and let you know! Read more here.

9 thoughts on “Black Seed Oil

    • It has felt good to take it, but to be honest I think my wellbeing is due to a mixture of things as well as the oil; diet, exercise, rest, etc and I ran out of oil a few months back – so I am not currently taking any!

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I am not using it at the moment, but when I did I felt better – a sense of well being – balance and more energy also. Your comment has reminded me of this oil and I will start taking it again, so thanks for writing 🙂

  1. Came across the black seed oil. I will talk about me, I was taking prescription for my my issue. After taking black seed oil I felt no more need for prescription, my symptoms as long gone and no I am able to do things were not capable of doing.

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