The debate over medical marijuana is endless and likely to go on for some time. It is obvious that is it useful in the treatment on MS, otherwise there would be no room for debate. There is now a treatment for MS on the market called Savitex which is a legal cannabis-based drug. I have used pure cannabis myself, when living in Mexico, to get rid of persistent symptoms and can say that it was miraculously effective. Not only did it remove them for a few hours, but after smoking it I was symptom-free for days. It is logical; cannabis is anti-inflammatory, and MS is essentially inflammation. However, having tried to do the same in the UK has proven disappointing. Although symptoms were somewhat reduced, I was often left feeling worse and am sure this is due to the chemical content of weed cultivated in England. If you are lucky enough to live in a country whose climate allows for weed to grow naturally, or even luckier to live somewhere where it is prescribed/legal – I am sure you will benefit greatly from it. If however you live in the UK, or somewhere where the cannabis has a similar chemical content, it is best to search for an organic grower, someone who grows it without the use of chemicals, otherwise you may find that it does you more harm than good.

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